Unboxing Scientists of the World

Professor Smart

The host of the program is Professor Smart, performed by Todd Victor. With his partner, Lizette Guy, he has performed for millions of people around the world. Their fun science stage shows continue to entertain and educate students of all ages.


  • What scientists do you cover?

    The 55 Scientists: • Galileo • George Washington Carver • Charles Darwin • Ada Lovelace • Barbara McClintock • Beatrix Potter • Mae Jemison • Heinrich Hertz • Mary Anning • Yvonne Clark • Marie Curie • Maria Merian • Lawrence Faraday • Chien-Shiung Wu • Richard Feyman • David Baltimore • Katherine Johnson • Alice Ball • Luther Burbank • Thomas Edison • Albert Einstein • Adolfo Lutz • Andre-Marie Ampere • Archimedes • Aristotle • Ashoke Sen • Fred Begay • Elizabeth Blackburn • Rachel Carson • Gerti Cori • Neil deGrasse Tyson • Mary Elliott-Hill • Hasan Ibn-al Haytham • Jane Goodall • Stephen Hawking • William Herschel • Willie Hobbs-Moore • Helia Bravo Hollis • Edwin Hubble • Christina Koch • Sergei Korolev • Hedy Lammar • Isaac Newton • Alfred Nobel • Louis Pasteur • Ivan Pavlov • Gregor Mendel • Vera Rubin •Carl Sagan • Jonas Salk • Jacques Cousteau • Robert Van de Graaff • James Watson • Siya Xuza • Max Planck

  • What is included with the program?

    • 55 video biographies of scientists that changed the world. (5 year license) • An "On The Wall Timeline," covering over 2,000 year (printable in PDF form or available for purchase) • A deck of 55 Scientists Cards (printable in PDF form or available for purchase) • A "For The Teacher," study materials for each scientist with post show questions, vocabulary, and doable science activities tied to NGSS. (a multi page printable PDF or purchasable)

  • How do people or students view the videos?

    The videos are hosted at www.unboxingscientists.com. After purchase people are given a log in key. That key will be good for 5 years from the date of purchase.

  • Can we see a sample of the videos

    YES, we are going to give you access to 3 videos right now, by just signing in with your email address.